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Shireland Biomedical UTC Facilities Now Available to Book with School Hire

In the heart of our community lies a hub of learning, and now, an open invitation extends beyond our classroom walls. Our school facilities, including dance studio and immersive room, are available to hire through our new partner, School Hire.


As we unlock our doors to the community, local sports teams, clubs, and community groups are invited to utilise our spaces. This initiative is more than just an invitation — it’s an opportunity for mutual growth. By renting our facilities, you not only contribute to the financial vitality of the school but also support the development of academic programs, extracurricular activities, and the maintenance of our shared spaces. Your involvement enhances the overall educational experience for our students.


Beyond the financial benefits, the impact extends to health and wellness. Accessible sports facilities encourage physical activity and a healthier lifestyle for residents of all ages. Whether it’s local sports clubs, fitness classes, or recreational leagues, our spaces are ready to support a community committed to well-being. As these facilities become accessible, they provide a platform for skill development. Local sports teams and aspiring athletes can utilise these spaces to hone their abilities, fostering a culture of sportsmanship and talent development within our community.


By opening our doors to community events, tournaments, and gatherings, we aim to strengthen the bonds that tie us together. Your participation builds a supportive community that rallies behind school initiatives and projects.


For more details on how you can hire our facilities, click here.

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