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The Academy


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a broad, inclusive health and science curriculum, delivered to the highest standards in partnership with our employer partners. This will ensure that our learners receive personalised, practical experiences, offering opportunities that enrich their experience above and beyond that normally expected and enhancing their employability

We offer Tomorrow’s Education Today

We’re excited and proud to be the first UTC in the UK to specialise in health care and health science, offering learning and career opportunities for young people like no other school or college in the region.
By combining academic study with real-life work projects, personal development activities, and career opportunities our young people will become well-rounded work-ready individuals. They will benefit from a combination of qualified national curriculum teaching and putting their learning into practice in exciting, work-focused projects that are delivered in partnership with employer professionals.
We’re able to deliver this ‘tomorrow’s education today’ concept through robust partnerships with major health, education and public sector organisations. This approach supports the development of academic, practical and life skills in our young people, equipping them to meet the demands from employers for good qualifications, transferable skills and a professional attitude to work – whatever career path they eventually choose. 

We believe that the UTC can provide a set of opportunities and qualifications that will provide an excellent foundation for students to enter the health and care professions.

What is a UTC?

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are government-funded schools with a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) focus. They provide a unique and relevant approach to education, which addresses the changing needs of students and employers in the 21st century. UTCs were established by companies and universities in areas of high demand for talent. Alongside national curriculum teaching, UTCs also offer sought-after vocational and technical qualifications, and benefit from industry-standard equipment and specialist staff to provide students with skills that are valued by employers.


The UTC curriculum has a strong emphasis on ‘real life’ project-based learning, which engages students and develops their personal character. Because of this unique offer, UTCs allow for a broad choice of pathways when a student reaches 18 years old: university, higher or degree apprenticeships, or directly into a career.

Supported by the Baker Dearing Educational Trust

Baker Dearing exists only to support University Technical Colleges (UTCs). Established in 2009, Baker Dearing sits at the centre of the UTC network and is uniquely placed to provide co-ordinated support to, and advocacy for, UTCs, as well as communications both within the network and to a broader audience.


Baker Dearing helps UTCs either directly, with its small team of highly experienced staff, or through the commissioning of assistance from others across the network. Individual support targets the unique aspects of a UTC, typically where help does not exist elsewhere in the education system. This includes, but is not limited to, enhancing the delivery of technical education, bolstering student recruitment, strengthening employer and university relationships, improving UTC finances, and assisting UTCs to join multi-academy trusts.