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Attendance and Reporting an Absence


We want to create a fun and welcoming Academy where students want to come every day. However, it can sometimes be a struggle and we look to families for their support in ensuring students attend the Academy regularly.

Attendance at the Academy is important as studies have consistently shown that students who attend better, achieve better. A student with 90% attendance will miss about half a year of schooling over the course of their time with us, or about half a day a week, and has a significantly reduced chance of gaining good examination grades or achieving their potential.

Attendance that falls below 90 per cent is categorised by the government as persistent absence and will be taken very seriously by both the Academy and the Trust. Please ensure that absences are only taken as a necessity and that you inform the school.

How do I report an absence?

If a student is absent, please contact the school on 0121 828 1123 and we will record this.

When will leave of absence be considered?

As noted above, attendance to the Academy is important.  Leave of absence will usually only be granted in exceptional circumstances and not for general holidays in term time. There are crucial times of year, especially around examinations, where only the most extreme circumstances would be granted.

Leave can be granted but only by the Principal on recommendation from a Senior Pastoral member of staff.

Parents are expected to request leave of absence in good time.

The Principal may not give leave automatically but will take into account:

  • The age of the child.
  • The time of year proposed.
  • The nature of the holiday.
  • Parental wishes.
  • The views of the Head of Year.

In those cases where leave is not authorised, and the student still goes on holiday, the absence will count as an unauthorised absence, which could result in prosecution and fines.