GCSE and Sixth Form Results


These are historic results for Health Futures UTC prior to joining Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust and becoming Shireland Biomedical UTC.

Key Stage 4 results for 2022

  • Percentage of students achieving grades 5+ in English and mathematics: 21%
  • Attainment 8: 36.8
  • Progress 8: -0.69 (The school does not cover the full five-year Progress 8 period).
  • Percentage of students entering EBacc: 0% 
    (University technical colleges, studio schools and some further education colleges with key stage 4 provision provide a specialist technical and professional education. It is not appropriate to expect the same rates of EBacc entry from these types of schools and colleges).
  • EBacc average points score: 2.53
  • Pupils in education or entering employment after finishing Key Stage 4: 95%

Key Stage 5 results for 2022

  • A Level average result: C
  • Applied general qualifications (broad vocational qualifications) average result: Merit
  • Students age 16-18 progressing to education or employment: 89%