Year 7

In Year 7 we aim to strengthen the foundations introduced in KS2. We do this by addressing core principals of art and design through theme-based projects linked very closely with L4L topics of study. We cover a wide range of skills from 3D, painting, drawing skills and craft to develop the child’s cultural and social awareness through Art. We support the transition into sketchbooks and being able to record and reflect on their works. We encourage visual literacy to promote the enjoyment and appreciation that Art can bring.

Year 7 Curriculum

  • Autumn Term – Identity
  • Spring Term – Bits and Bobs
  • Summer Term – Architecture

Year 8

In Year 8 we continue to grow the pupils’ confidence in their artistic skills and abilities. By supporting their sketchbook journey with more emphasis on independent recording experimentation and reflection. We offer a breadth of new experiments and techniques during this year to broaden their skill set within Art. We cover a variety of materials including inks, printing, textiles and digital; combined with reference to many great artists over different historical and contemporary contexts to also grow their knowledge.

Year 8 Curriculum

Autumn Term – Fabulous Food

Intent and Content

  • Introduction to deeper analysis of artists’ work
  • Exploring colour theory in a wider context and extended colour mixing using the theme food
  • Utilising knowledge and applying practically to their own work in order to create thoughtful prints, paintwork, drawings and 3D work
  • Pupils are introduced to having a independent outlook and presentation style through selection of application and appropriate recording techniques


Impact and Outcomes

  • Cross curricular links with L4L, Science, PSHE.
  • Assessment through mid-term competency peer and self-assessments.
  • Knowledge building about artists and techniques in practice.
  • Multiple process experiments using artists influence to create a balanced but broad representation of food in art throughout history.
  • Block print experience with the opportunity to explore collage.

Spring Term – Heroes and Villians

Intent and Content

  • Developing awareness of scale, proportion, colour and illustration
  • We use secondary resources to enter a project that can be personalised through the theme of Heroes and Villains
  • Historical and contemporary subjects are utilised to grow the pupils’ cultural capital whilst addressing other issues in today’s world
  • Creative application of imagery to develop a composition where the pupil has more ownership on the outcomes for a campaign message
  • We start to make connections between artworks and a range of contexts


Impact and Outcomes

  • Cross curricular links with L4L, History, Current affairs
  • Assessment through mid-term competency peer and self-assessments
  • Starting with one point and two-point perspective looking into typography and comic style artwork with references to artists’ work
  • Developed into a wider range of creative outlets from illustration, photography and filmography
  • Colour theory is developed with understanding of deeper meanings and application to artworks digitally


Summer Term – Curious Creatures

Intent and Content

  • Building on a mixed media approach to create a series of swatches and experiments focusing on mythical animals
  • Revisiting and applying knowledge of colour theory with impact of monotone, chroma and tonal printing
  • We set foundations here to develop ideas and begin to layer our own creative intensions alongside mark making artists
  • Focus on composition, transfer techniques and personal selection we explore graphite, monoprint, greyscale paint and carbon transfer

Impact and Outcomes

  • Cross curricular links with L4L
  • Assessment through mid-term competency peer and self-assessments
  • Students will create a variety of experimental swatches covering historical and contemporary print techniques
  • We build on our mark making skills through creative practicals looking at texture and skins
  • We are developing our skill set whilst underpinning core elements of drawing, culminating in a zoological record of creatures

Year 9

Year 9 is where we build and start to solidify our experiences. We begin with guided practice covering topics that will supply us with enhanced knowledge of practicals and process such as craft and 3D elements These are all underpinned by the learning from previous years with enhanced drawing, painting and observational skills. We incorporate both 2D and 3D elements to secure pupils’ broad experience of materials and techniques. By the end of the term we will approach the subject with more independence and ownership over our projects with a mini GCSE taster topic.

Year 9 Curriculum

Autumn Term – Ocean Discovery

Intent and Content

  • To build on solid foundations of 2D and 3D practice and introducing elements of sculpture using more sophisticated materials like clay and mod roc.
  • We establish a strong connection with our previous skills in exploration, analytical skills and evaluation where we make strong connections between our surroundings and impact of art in a modern world.
  • Experimenting with properties and process of historical crafts whilst realising intensions to resolve issues we face in society. Emphasis is built on increasing students’ Cultural Capital and demonstrating how Art can impact real life through our investigations.


Impact and Outcomes

  • Cross curricular links with L4L, Humanities and Current Affairs
  • Assessment through mid-term competency peer and self-assessments
  • Pupils will have the opportunity to explore craft in one of its oldest forms of clay
  • Underpinned by 2D processes acquired through previous learning and analysing contemporary artists to reflect on how art can influence society
  • Outcomes will include a variety of 2D processes implemented to embed techniques in their skill set and for pupils to be able to draw upon these experiences to produce a meaningful and political piece of artwork
  • Showcasing skills and personal intent for the project


Spring Term – Culture and Craft

Intent and Content

  • A deeper exploration of 3D materials constructed around the design process of different crafts and cultures
  • Pupils will investigate cultural craft and produce enhanced analytical and practical responses to their findings through means of 3D processes
  • These may include sculpture, installations and craft techniques
  • Building on sketchbook experience and recording, pupils will have a guided but intense sense of ownership over the project as majority of works will be stand-alone pieces where record of journey will still need to be fulfilled


Impact and Outcomes

  • Cross curricular links with L4L, Geography
  • Assessment through mid-term competency peer and self-assessments
  • Pupils will have a deeper understanding of cultural art and design process and will be able to connect their learning and knowledge through practical 3D outcomes
  • Renewed sense of ownership and solidifying their understanding of recording within the curriculum


Summer Term – GCSE Taster

Intent and Content

  • To prepare students and focus their expectations of what GCSE Art could look like through a mini self- directed project
  • Intensions of using prior skills and knowledge to achieve Assessment Objective 4 at GCSE level
  • Students will take ownership of their practise through investigation, experimentation and self evaluation.
  • Outcomes will be mounted and displayed as GCSE and will showcase their skill set with a final piece based on the students’ journey throughout the project


Impact and Outcomes

  • Assessment will take place through competency checks at the end of each AO completed
  • Final teacher-led assessment from a holistic viewpoint to ascertain and feedback to students regarding target grades and focus to progress
  • Outcomes will be presentation sheets culminating all their works from across the term