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English Literature

English Literature

English Literature A Level

Why English Literature?

English Literature is a subject which provides students with a wide range of opportunities.


The course builds on study at GCSE and allows the students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the texts that are studied whilst also encouraging critical thinking and fluency in communication.


The course reflects moments of historical, political and social change and offers a deeply compassionate, personal insight into what it means to be human, at a world level, but also at an intimate and personal level.   

Entry requirements

  • GCSE English level: 6
  • GCSE Maths level: 4
  • Other requirements: none.

Structure of the course

You will study one main component in the first year, along with the non-exam assessment and a further component in the second year along with the completion of the NEA.  


Year 12:  

  • Component 1: Love through the ages. Paper 1 to be taken at the end of Y13 – 3 hours 
  • Component 3: Non-Exam Assessment  


Year 13: 

  • Component 2: Modern times: Literature from 1945 to the present day. Paper 2 to be taken at the end of Y13 – 2.5 hours. 
  • Component 3: Non-Exam Assessment  

Career opportunities:

English Literature graduates can demonstrate highly developed communication skills and often go onto rewarding careers in publishing, journalism, broadcasting, writing, teaching, training and coaching, social work, youth work and mentoring. Many will consider careers in the political arena or local government since an understanding of the world events often promotes an interest in government and social change.


Students with strong A levels in English can sometimes elect to study Law or History at university. These provide strong foundations for careers in marketing, communications and even business.