Sixth Form Student Experience

Sixth Form Student Experience

Our aim is to ensure that the experience our students gain at our Sixth Form is tailored to meet the needs of all our learners. Our Sixth Form programme is not just about academic studies, but also about developing you as a whole individual, providing you with additional opportunities that will improve your skills, qualities and abilities.

Our Sixth Form students have access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities that allow them to build individual skills and qualities alongside their academic studies to support them in becoming well-rounded, independent individuals. 


These extra-curricular activities can be additional academic qualifications, after school clubs that allow you to challenge your thinking, opportunities of work experience or volunteering and activities that allow you to unwind and relax after a day at school. 


Activities include:


  • Work experience – both virtual and in person
  • BMAT/UCAT test support
  • University trips including the UCAS and Apprenticeship Fayre
  • Extended Project Qualifications (EPQ)
  • Debate club
  • Book club
  • Student Leadership postitions
  • Duke of Edinburgh qualifications

During your time with us, there will be a wide range of enrichment opportunities on offer. the students who remain open minded and engage with this range of opportunities are those who will gain the most.


Future sessions are compulsory and will focus on preparing you for university and/or employment. the sessions will help develop your ability to apply successfully for a chosen programme or job and include support and guidance on career pathways, UCAS/employment applications, interview techniques, financial matters as well as living independently.



Work experience is compulsory for all Year 12 students. The purpose of this is to provide you with the experience of the world of work. This can then be included in your personal statement and applications which allow you to gain an advantage over other applicants. You will be provided with support and guidance on finding this work experience placement.

We have state-of-the-art facilities that offer students the opportunity to experience real-life medical situations in our simulated hospital ward. We also have an immersive room that provides opportunities for students to experience subjects in a different way by bringing your learning to life, immersing you in real-life situations and contextualising your learning, all of which will provide you with transferable skills to put what you learn in the classroom into practice.


Our Sixth Form students also have access to a dedicated Sixth Form area that provides students with a space to complete group work or to study independently.

Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust is at the forefront of technological developments. Shireland Biomedical UTC has been equipped with the latest technology in classrooms to allow teaching staff to plan and deliver outstanding lessons using a range of innovative technology. When joining Shireland Biomedical UTC, you will be provided with a laptop that you will use in lessons, to communicate with staff and that you can take home to provide you with an opportunity to continue your students outside of school.

A bursary fund is available for students to access. This money is discretionary and designed to be used to support students in overcoming financial barriers faced by individuals, not to provide set amounts of funding irrespective of actual need.


Bursary applications will be made online towards the end of each term. Any payments are retrospective and can be subject to having met a range of criteria including attendance, punctuality and progress in your subjects. Payment is made directly to each student, so a bank account number and sort code, in the student’s name, must be provided.

We firmly believe in rewarding our students for outstanding performance in their academic studies, engaging in our school community and having excellent attendance. Sixth Form students will have the opportunity to take part in reward trips at the end of each term. Shireland Biomedical UTC runs a house system which all students are part of from Year 7 through to Year 13. Taking part in house competitions will allow students to earn points that can then be used for reward trips.

Sixth Form students are seen as role models for students throughout the school. We have high standards of how our students should perform both in lessons and within the school community. All our students will have the opportunities to apply for leadership positions, both within the school and b acting as the main liaison with our partners. We also have leadership roles within our hospital ward that all students will be able to apply for, including Ward Manager and Scenario Manager. All these roles involve supporting staff and younger students in aspects of school life.

"I have been able to attend lots of extra opportunities like working with professionals in our projects and attending mock interviews with health and social care workers... Having laptops and technology means that I can work at home and access all my work online in a constructive way."
Sixth Form student

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