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Students receive visit from Deputy Chief Nursing Officer Mark Radford

Our students had a wonderful visit from Deputy Chief Nursing Officer Professor Mark Radford, who came to speak with them about the range of exciting career opportunities available within the NHS.


Students asked thought-provoking questions about the many different roles available within the healthcare industries and the skills required to become successful in these positions. They were eager to learn from Professor Radford, who shared his personal experiences and offered a valuable insight into the dynamic and ever-changing world of health and medicine.


With extensive experience in a variety of medical fields including anaesthetics, critical care and emergency medicine, Professor Radford is a knowledgeable and respected figure in the healthcare community. He is also a visiting professor at Birmingham City University, where he conducts research on topics such as risk modelling, clinical decision-making and sociological issues in healthcare.


UTC would like to extend a special thank you to Professor Radford for visiting and sharing his knowledge and expertise with our students, who had a wonderful experience. We believe that this visit will inspire many of our students to pursue their career aspirations and dreams of working in healthcare and medicine, making a positive impact on the well-being of communities across the country.


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