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We are dedicated to unlocking the potential of all of our students regardless of any challenges they may face.

Additional Support

The school is committed to serving students of all abilities. Some students will need additional support provided by the Inclusion Department and supported by the Trust’s wider teams.

The Inclusion Department has two key roles. The first is to ensure appropriate systems are in place to identify any emerging SEND need and secondly to enable students identified with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) to reach their full potential.

The team can provide in-class support, working with teachers across a number of subjects so that identified students can, with additional help, develop subject-based skills and understand and make as much progress as their peers.

For students with Education, Health and Care Plans we will seek to provide the support detailed within these plans to ensure that students are happy and successful.

Staff within the department will also assess, monitor and review students’ skills, offer advice on students with needs and liaise with outside agencies who provide specialist assessment and support.

Whilst the school has no formal specialist resource base/provision,  the Academy offers a wide range of support where needs have been formally recognised via an Education, Health and Care Plan. Our building is fully DDA compliant.

Please contact us and ask to speak to our SENCo if you have any concerns regarding a SEND need and are considering applying to the school,  to seek advice about our available support.